MarketPress & simple PayPal Standard


I’m trying to set up MarketPress to simply integrate with regular PayPal Standard for my users without needing a PayPal API, etc.

The idea is that each site on my network can sell products with ease of setup. I need the setup to be stupid-easy (no API, etc). I want it literally to be that the site owner plugs their PayPal email address into the MarketPress Payment Gateway admin section and then they’re good to go.

I’ve seen other threads on here about this, but no recent ones. I imagine it HAS to be a commonly requested feature because all other WordPress eCommerce plugins I’ve seen do this.

Please advise on how I can set this up.. even if it means custom coding a new gateway (any code examples would be greatly appreciated!)

I’m trying to get this functionality out on my sites this week.. so the sooner the better!