MarketPress – Specific Coupon & Deposits

I’d like to see the coupon feature further developed to allow:

+ Coupon codes for specific products.

+ Coupon code for specific categories.

+ Coupon code for groups of products (a buy 2 get third free or 50% off cheapest, sort thing)

+ Coupon code for specific customers

+ Coupon code for specific WP Roles

+ Allow for customer groups which specific coupons could be given and mailed to.

+ Customer levels could be assigned to Supporter levels in the forth coming version, thus supporters could be offered larger discounts. Same could be applied for membership plugin.

+ Auto apply coupons to certain purchase, combination of products, etc. This would be great for deals like buy 2 get 1 free or spend over X and get 10% off.

MarketPress could be an excellent market place for events, hotel bookings, campsite bookings, tickets etc, etc. being able to take a deposit would be an amazing upgrade. With this in mind the scope of your product could be opened up to many more industries and potential uses thus more interested people on your membership. :slight_smile: (better options for coupons could help in this instance, as a there could be a deposit coupon which can’t be used on other products)