Marketpress store and product page customization

how do i edit the single product page template, for instance, if i want to remove the category from the product listing, or something like that, where would that be located?

is there any way to get the product options onto the main store page with an add to cart button instead of having to use the “choose option” button from there?

oh also, I’ve made a custom theme for the website and just use wordpress/marketpress as the back end, so there are no sidebars/widgets …

is there a way to list the shopping cart contents and a check out button at the bottom of each page? ?like an in-page widget or something?


edit: And also how do i get the main product page to show a larger image rather than a thumbnail? every time i click “full size” it only shows a 150×150 thumbnail, and you have to click to enlarge. i’d like a large image of the product on top of the product page without any thumbnails showing up , as is what happens when i insert it into the post