Marketpress store and product page customization

how do i edit the single product page template, for instance, if i want to remove the category from the product listing, or something like that, where would that be located?

is there any way to get the product options onto the main store page with an add to cart button instead of having to use the “choose option” button from there?

oh also, I’ve made a custom theme for the website and just use wordpress/marketpress as the back end, so there are no sidebars/widgets …

is there a way to list the shopping cart contents and a check out button at the bottom of each page? ?like an in-page widget or something?


edit: And also how do i get the main product page to show a larger image rather than a thumbnail? every time i click “full size” it only shows a 150×150 thumbnail, and you have to click to enlarge. i’d like a large image of the product on top of the product page without any thumbnails showing up , as is what happens when i insert it into the post

  • DavidM
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    Hi angelagail,

    Hmm, to clarify, you’d like to remove references to the category in the product listing, correct? I think you’ll have to create the product listing manually for that to work, where instead of using the_content() you user various the template functions (from marketpressmarketpress-includestemplate-functions.php) and place the elements, such as the description or Add to Cart button, where you want them.

    Have you looked at that?

    There Choose Option button shows when you’re using Variations and I don’t think there’s an easy way to change that. I believe the ajax code would be reliant on the user being on the single product page.

    You could have a look at that though, by taking a look at the code you’re using to display the products in a grid format.

    To get the cart to show on each page you could create a widget area, as the following tutorial goes through:

    Or you could use the mp_show_cart() function detailed in the template-functions.php file:

    mp_show_cart($context = '', $checkoutstep = null, $echo = true)

    The thumbnail image size is specified in Products > Store Settings > Presentation tab. You can specify pretty much any size you want there.



  • angelagail
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    how do i create the product listing manually? im not a programmer or anything, just a front end coder..

    so im not too good at sorting through or creating php files..

    do you have an example of manually created product page or something maybe i could look at for reference as to where everything goes or what i would need to tweak?

    or is there somewhere in the template function file that writes the product page that i could just go delete the string that calls the category into the page?

    also where/how do i put the show cart function into the product page? whats the full line of code i could use to call it into the page template?

  • DavidM
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    To help clarify a bit, if your theme already has a widget area, for instance, at the bottom of the page, you could easily drag and drop the cart widget into that area.

    Unfortunately, if it doesn’t and you’d like to add a cart there, you’d have to code a solution yourself, using the code in that article I linked to perhaps.

    There are some general instructions on how to achieve this in the following file in the MarketPress folder:


    However, if you’re only looking to add the shopping cart to the bottom of your page, you might be able to just add the following line where you want it displayed in your theme’s index.php file:

    <?php mp_show_cart(); ?>

    It really depends on the structure of files your theme is using though. You might have to add that to the bottom of single.php, category.php and other files.

    As this is involving a theme not available from here, it’s hard to say and generally would be a matter of custom development.


  • DavidM
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    Hiya angelagail,

    Haven’t heard back from you on this one so assuming that’s working out for you. If not, just let us know any further questions you might have on it.

    Just to add too, it would be possible to include the cart in pages using a shortcode by adding the following snippet to your theme’s functions.php file:

    function mp_cart_shortcode($atts) {
    add_shortcode('mp-cart-shortcode', 'mp_cart_shortcode');

    With that you could then include in your post content [mp-cart-shortcode]. Hope that helps!



  • Alicia
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    Hello, I’ve tried to use mp_product_description() in order to have only the text that I’ve wirtten as product description (I’m not interested in showing pics or categories) but this function show again all the info. It is equivalent to use the_content().

    Which is the function that I need to use to show the description only?


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