MarketPress Store Plugin is now gone

I am the webmaster for Like many, when I updated to the new version of MarketPress, I lost the store functionality. Following the advice of "Jude" in the support forums, I attempted to reinstall the previous version. Not only did this not solve the problem -- it is worse. MarketPress is no longer a "plugin" on my sidebar or anywhere.
I am now afraid ALL of our products, prices, store receipts, etc. are lost!
I am not a tech genius but I am fairly proficient.

This needs to get fixed ASAP!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @savannahtearoom,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I've visited both the front-end and back-end of your site. On front end I was able to add products (two "white clipper tea pots") to cart which is good. None of the products (if I'm not missing anything here) is gone.

    However, I've noticed that the setup is not quite complete yet. That said, you may want to go to your dashboard's

    "Store settings" -> "Presentation" page -> scroll down to "Store pages" section

    and assign pages for your store. This is required settings but fortunately it shouldn't affect products database at all.

    That being said, because of your experiences so far, please make a full backup of your site prior to making any changes. This shouldn't be necessary at all but it's better to keep backup just in case.

    If assigning pages doesn't help at first, you may need to go to your dashboard's "Settings" -> "Permalinks" page and re-save setting afterwards.

    Let me know please if it helped!

    Kind regards,


    Hi Savanna,

    In case you like to try something else: I have (had) some more memberships than only here (not that HUDGE) but i also have the warp framework and woocommerce stuff (not shure if it's open source) but i paid for it. Besides if you want to do something with SHOPS, STORES or ECOMMERCE inside a CMS (such as Wordpress especially) I'm working on a very clever state of the art future proof, $$$ and real exhausting business concept (have planned a whole year for it) not to say it is really much work and i'll come up later with it. UNLESS some of YOU have the time, the interests most important the currage to hold on etc. to join me in those investments (mostly time at the moment). It'll take the whole market upside down and it's waaaay to much for only me as it comes down to competing with the others (some big brands are working on things that contain parts of my plan). Just let me know via E-Mail, it's mostly about CMS and e-commerce (marketing).

    Or... If you're in a real good mode you can help me bumping openstack growing like mushrooms on a wet kitchenfloor. Well, after all those commercial BLAH BLAH, maybe openstack isn't such a good idea. CLOUDSTACK might function better for a lot of businesses. BTW: Did you know that it was opennode and afterwards Cloudstack that named WORDPRESS the"CLOUD" website by default?

    Work enough, I read a peace of the article $29,95 H/Wordpress wadges.... What a budgetfreaks.
    Not that i would't matter puzzling hours of wordpress--- for that money i'dd rather do it for FREE
    and let the customer search resellers. I mean... If you take 2 or 3 years almost every market's wordpress solution would have been concepted and than suck the money out of the build in limits
    or custumizations in a later stage I know inside prises here in the Netherlands (mostly never had the time to make a booming WP business but a friend works at an agency. 2 years ago i showed him some things and he would't know by than how to handle (graphic designer class A) but payments are 3000 euro WP site (nothing ecommerce) 3 sites a week. Must say: Graphicly you have a customized peace of art for that, i guess the freelancers $30 also lack PRO DESIGN?


    Jean Voncken
    Hybrid Systems Engineer

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