MarketPress Store vs. MarketPlace Page on Main Site

Hi all, thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I’ve searched but can’t find any related topics.

I’m setting up a new network with a global marketplace (SimpleMarket theme) and have encountered the following issues…

1. I am unable to edit the /market page I have assigned as the global Marketplace Base. The page displays products from sub-site stores (only one so far), but no content I add to that page gets displayed. There is not even an Edit link at the top of the Market page, and any edits I make from the admin, do not show on the page.

2. I guess I was expecting for the global Marketplace page to be assigned Products, Cart and Status sub-pages like the Store page does on any given site. But I’m not sure I want to confuse visitors with a Store page and Marketplace page on the main site anyway.

What best practices can MarketPress users suggest for setting up a global marketplace on the main site where they also have a store?

I’m considering just deleting the Market page and including the mp_list_global_products shortcode on the main site’s Store page. If I do this could I safely change the main site store’s base url to /market?