MarketPress Strange Behavior

MarketPress is exhibiting strange behavior on a site I’m working on.

Users are required to register and login in order to access the store. Logged in as Admin I have no problem when clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button. The cart is populated and it shows in the shopping cart widget (first screenshot).

However, when I repeat the exact same process as a normal logged in user, the shopping cart is NOT populated and I get an ‘Out of Stock’ notification (second screenshot). This is not even activated in the MarketPress settings.

Does anyone have an idea why this might be happening? I use WordPress 3.2.1 and MarketPress 2.1.6. Membership is handled by S2Member (sorry – I just like it :wink: ).

  • infinite
    • Flash Drive

    Sorry – seems I uploaded the screenshots in reverse order… so the first situation is illustrated by the second screenshot from the top, while the second situation is illustrated by the top screenshot.

    I also forgot to mention that I use the Product theme from Elegant Themes.

  • DavidM
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    Hi infinite,

    Hmm, strange that S2Member would affect MarketPress functionality like that. Just really weird that it would affect the stock amounts as such.

    Perhaps there’s a particular setting in S2Member that’s doing it? Have you tried other settings, perhaps bare default settings, assuming there are some?



  • Giovanni
    • The Incredible Code Injector


    What are you using s2member and Marketpress for? I am starting a new website with these plugins and would love to chat with you if possible to learn the downfalls and any learnings you may have to save some time in the future.

    Currently I have no issues but I know I’ll run into some and I won’t have too much internet to go into forums.

    If this is OK, I would appreciate a response. Thanks a bunh!


  • infinite
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    Hi Giovanni,

    I was going to use them for this site, which has a small shopping cart component. Sadly I’m now using neither, although I love both… We just decided against the membership model, and as for the shopping cart I’m using Tribulant‘s plugin, which offers a feature I needed which I couldn’t find anywhere else (tiered discounts for bulk purchases).

    Sorry I couldn’t be of much help!


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