MarketPress Stripe API version compatibility question


I'm developing Stripe functionality for my site regarding subscription processing, and I'm also using Marketpress. I see in my Stripe account, under the API Keys tab, that it says I'm using API version 2016-02-03 and there are API upgrades available (quite a few of can be seen in the release notes here:

It got me thinking that I didn't want to upgrade the default Stripe API version without consulting with you, because I didn't want to break MarketPress. I see here ( that you can call setApiVersion when creating the Stripe client to specifically tell Stripe which version you're using to guarantee expected behaviors on the stripe end. I can call setApiVersion in my Stripe code, but I did a global search on my MarketPress plugin and didn't find that called anywhere in your code.

Can you tell me which versions of the Stripe API you support? Also, can you possibly add a setApiVersion in your code in the near future to guarantee stable behavior? I will be hosting a multisite network using MarketPress, and each user will be hooking up to their own Stripe account. I don't want them accidentally breaking MarketPress by clicking on API upgrade buttons in their Stripe accounts.