MarketPress Stripe Gateway doesn't verify billing address


I have had an issue with a potentially fradulent charge on my site. I checked with Stripe to see what they recommended I do, and they suggested that I should be verifying the billing address when making the Stripe charge. Here's their response on the situation:

Firstly, It seems that you are not collecting the full billing address when you create charges. I'd recommend collecting and passing as much information as possible with every charge. It is especially important when shipping merchandise to customers to always collect the billing address of the card and match that with the shipping address. In this way, you can prove that the merchandise was shipped to the address associated with the payment card (given the bank verifies the address). I would also recommend making sure that you have all your checks enabled (ZIP, CVC). This would help to greatly reduce the chance for fraud on your account. For a little more information about these checks and how to identify fraud I'd strongly recommend to check out the link below:

Note they say I'm not collecting the billing address. Marketpress is collecting the billing address, it's just that your Stripe gateway is not passing it along to Stripe. Can you advise as to how best to remedy the situation? It seems like something your Stripe gateway should support, for best practices on credit card processing.

Please let me know if/when you think this can be added to your Marketpress Stripe gateway.

Meanwhile, if you have any advice on specific filters or functions I should look at in order to fix this myself until your off-the-shelf code catches up, I'd really appreciate your advice.