Marketpress Stripe Payments, How do I setup SSL?

I wanted to use stripe on one of my marketpress shops but when reaching the checkout page it goes to https:// I'm guessing because I don't have a SSL certificate it wont work.

How do I get one? And does it cost anything?

  • Ash
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    Hello @sneakheads

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Yes, to use Stripe you need to install SSL certificate in your server.

    The value of the certificate comes mostly from the trust of the internet users in the issuer of the certificate. A certificate says to the client that you are who you say you are, and the issuer has verified that to be true. You can get a free SSL certificate signed, for example, by StartSSL. Yet it is not going to be much different from a self-signed certificate: the browser bar is not going to turn green when communicating with your site over https. The cheapest SSL certificate that turns the bar green will cost you a few hundred dollars, and you would need to go through a process of proving the identity of your company to the issuer of the certificate by submitting the relevant documents.

    You can ask your host to help about this, they might even install it for you in your server.

    For more information, you can check this link:

    Please let me know if you find this is helpful, or if you have any further questions.


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