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A feature which would make Marketpress compete with the other big marketplace plugins (WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, Dokan) would be support for vendors. What I have yet to see is a plugin which makes it easy for any logged in members to post products (e.g., where they can choose to sell it directly on the site through a gateway (with or without commision), or make it possible for customers to contact them and arrange a meeting to make the transaction in person (very useful for used and second-hand products). What is also missing from other plugins is that there is no way to diversify the options or content for corporate sellers and private sellers, this would make this plugin unique and give it a competitive advantage.

The second feature I would like to see in your repository, either implemented in an existing plugin like Membership 2 or as a standalone, would be your own supported “custom menu plugin”. Having either the feature of making different menu bars for separate occasions (e.g. logged in or out), or making it possible to adjust the visibility option in the same way as widgets would be a very needed and sought plugin, considered that similar products are dropped and also not up to date.

I love your plugins and I hope to see a lot more from you in the future!


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    Hi Halvard,

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for posting this ideas.


    There’s no “vendors” indeed. You can, however, use MarketPress on a Multisite setup as a network enabled plugin which would let you use global shopping cart, create a central product listing (or rather a catalog of products from across sub-sites) and even grab commission for transactions. A “vendor” in this scenario would be an individual or a company that has own site on your multisite where they can manage their stores.

    With additional plugins like our Pro Sites and New Blog Templates it could be pretty well automated (and you could even charge them to become “vendors”:wink:.

    Such setup could have some cool advantages over a “classic” vendor-enabled setup but of course I understand that there are cases where “regular” vendors feature is exactly what you need and I fully agree that it would make a great feature.

    Since this thread is already posted on our “Features and Feedback” forum, let’s hope that more Members of our Community will vote for this idea, thus giving our developers an incentive to implement it in future :slight_smile:

    Menu visibility

    Actually, our Membership 2 Pro plugin can already do a lot of it :slight_smile: There’s an “Advanced menu protection” add on built-in that you can find and enable on “Membership 2 -> Add-ons” page. Depending on how you choose to use it (see “Details” link for add-on on add-ons page there), you can use memberships to protect access to menu items or you can replace entire menus depending on a membership or even overwrite contents of menu locations.

    I said “memberships” but note please that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you do have to offer memberships on site (especially paid). You can do it, of course, if you want but it’s not a must :slight_smile: The Membership 2 Pro plugin comes with two built-in “special” types of memberships that you could utilize here: one is a “Guest” type membership and the other one is “Default” type membership. The “Guest” membership covers all the visitors to the site that are not logged in into it and the “Default” one covers all logged in users that are not members of other memberships.

    If you create one membership of each of these type you’ll be able to e.g. show one menu to visitors (that would be non-registered visitors and registered users that are logged out of the site) and another one to logged in users.

    Best regards,


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