Marketpress supports https?

Please, marketpress supports https? I try to use wordpress https plugin of but I am don`t know to configure it… or I should to use only marketpress? tks!

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    Greetings diegpl,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    It is my opinion that https is only necessary for data that needs to be secure.

    Considering that for the most part the enabled gateways in Market Press indeed use their own SSL certificates, one could contest that it is not necessary and just an additional load on the hosting server for no reason since important information is not transferred until checkout in which then the client is transferred securely to the remote gateway.

    Of course it is still your decision if you want to take the time to make everything https or not and to deal with the performance consequences.

    With all this in mind personally i would go straight Market Press.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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    Greetings diegpl,

    so what I should to do to let my users pay for their credit card? not only with paypal, but direct by credit card withou get away from my site, my url and design?

    This is certainly not what you said in your first post nor even hinted at.

    If you do not want the client to leave your site for processing, your job ahead is clearly a rough road to travel.

    Certainly you have your SSL certificate installed on your domain?

    The rest will be custom coding of the gateways and integrating the different gateway API’s into your site to keep clients from leaving your web site to include getting a hold of the applicable gateway providers for there API’s.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

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    hmm, sorry about the mistake about title topic. My programmer was able to develop a gateway to pagseguro, a gateway system of brazil, at this site: with the free version of your plugin. But I bought the pro version to integrate direct with credit card.

    What I should to do? I should to contact the bank? Or master card? Visa? In what place I found this API documentation?


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    Greetings diegpl,

    No need for apologies, just trying to keep the issue on track and focused so that I understand what the end result should be :slight_smile:

    The answer to this is the merchant account provider who should be providing the gateway/API.

    To give you an example, my companies credit card Visa/Mastercard processing is done by a company called First Data, to process credit cards you must have a merchant account with somebody and ours is as mentioned above with First Data.

    When I log into my merchant account with First Data they provide the API information needed to create a gateway for their system and the API coding link is shown below in a screen shot of the merchant account back office.

    it is true that your merchant account can be with a bank, then they would be supplying the API, or PayPal Pro, etc. etc.

    You must have a merchant account to process Visa/Mastercard etc. and your merchant account provider may or may not supply you with the API ( it depends on the merchant account processor and their capabilities) from which you can build or have a gateway built for you.

    Hopefully this will clarify the situation for you and as you mentioned My programmer was able to develop a gateway to pagseguro but he indeed needed/needs the API from pagseguro to accomplish this.

    Cheers, Joe

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