MarketPress – tell me if this is possible?

I’m considering Marketpress for a few sites. Here’s what I had in mind, for one of them. Can you tell me if this is possible?

Shopping cart customizations:

– Instead of “price” I want a price range – say from $ to $$$, or some related term like low to high, or even a price range.

– Instead of “add to cart” I’d like to say “request quote.”

– Instead of check out, I’d like to “contact representative.”


Product sorting:

This is the sort of structure I am hoping for. Let’s say the site sells footware.

Product: Hip Wader

Category: Boot

Tags: waterproof, sporting goods, rubber

Can tags show on individual products? Out of the box, I see category listed on the display page for a product, but not tag.

It would be super handy if users could select a series of tags and categories and get a list of products that are in all!

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    With the shopping cart customisations most of that is pretty easy, you’d just need to provide a translation to alter the wording used. However, you will struggle to enter a price range.

    Instead you might need to use the sales price figure for the higher or lower price and tweak your theme to serve up the correct look.

    Can tags show on individual products?

    Yep, that’d be a simple case of customising your theme to show them in that particular order.


  • binarycommerce
    • New Recruit

    I also need to accomplish something almost same as the last 2 customizations on AbleReach’s list. My client is a broker of high-priced, used heavy equipment. A majority of the time he will be listing an item with info, photos, and an asking price.

    Instead of an Add to Cart button he’d like it to read Request More Info (or whatever). When clicked it would direct them to a form with the listing number pre-populated.

    It is preferred but not essential that Order Now functionality still be available – for the consumable parts and supplies he sells.

    What I’m wondering first off is if a modified version of the classified ads plugin would serve as a better solution. Any thoughts on that or even different angle using another plugin?


  • Holodigit
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    In my opinion, Christopher, you don’t need an e-commerce nor a custom plugin.

    If you create a simple series of posts and assign to them category (or tags) for price range (ex. 200-500$) or what you need, can manage and sort your items how you want.

    To list them in grid style, simply use a portfolio plugin.

    To send them to contact form, simply use a css button and link whatever page you want.

    My 2 eurocents

  • binarycommerce
    • New Recruit

    I like your opinion Holodigit! It validates the direction in which my ideas have been flowing. In fact I’ve been studying the Gallery Theme and am about to load it on a dev. site for some testing.

    There’s still a blank spot in my mind on how best to pass info from the post to the form so the recipient of the results will know what listing the user wants to discuss. It sounds simple enough, pass the title of the post to the form page as a variable and write it to a field in the form as the page is built. I just can’t see it in my head yet.

    After I dig into the pages it will be easier to see how to make it happen but any suggestions or snippets will be appreciated.

    I also need to choose a form plugin. Gravity Forms is obviously very powerful but I don’t think this project justifies the investment. cforms looks like a safe bet – assuming a plugin is the best way to go. I want to retain submissions in the DB so they can be listed out and worked with in the admin area. Prior to now there’s almost always been a CRM system running and I’d just wire up the forms to that.

    Note that I only recently decided to dive into WordPress. I’ve been on the MS .NET / SharePoint / etc. train since the beginning. Economic events laid waste to my employer and thus my job. Without corporate funding of my MSDN subscription and collocated servers I turned to open source. DotNetNuke and such were the natural place to migrate but then I saw WP 3.1 and the community around it and realized what I’d been missing. I also have a newfound respect and zeal for web standards. Whether commercial or free, language creators and tool makers have no excuse for isolationist behavior.

    Excuse me if any of that comes across as political. I’m just sharing a bit about how I arrived here. It’s actually been years since I even had to write much code. And I’ll have minions for that again in my own business at some point but soldiers usually prefer to follow leaders who’ve spent time in the trenches themselves.


  • Holodigit
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Regarding form plugins, when need only forms, I use Fast Secure Contact Form, can build easily simple and complex forms with autoresponders, export and so on, between free plugins it’s the most complete, IMO.

    When need something even more flexible I use Formidable Pro, it’s something like Gravity but, in my opinion, simpler to manage even if powerful.

    I say this because for a real estate project I used Formidable to have only one form used (repeated) in all product/page and taken all specific information of that product, using variables.

    In short with one single form the admin receive enquiries pre filled with whatever specific product information, something similar to your need.

    Formidable there is also in free version with limited function, worth a try.

    Glad that you abandoned .NET platform :slight_smile: open source is a complex world, but offer many resources, chances and challenges.

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