Marketpress & Theme

ok- I changed my theme to one of the ones you have. Will it work with another theme I already have picked out. I ended up choosing your gridmarket theme. Anyway- I downloaded some plugins

How do get the marketpress to show up on my site? I went through all the settings. How do I get it onto the front page?

How do I allow others to list their products on my site?

I have no clue what I am doing. I have read, I have watched and am still not getting it. I purchased the premium theme for one month to see if this is going to work for me. HELP

Help: I already have domain, theme & hosting all set up. (Not through you)

I want to add marketpress and a few other plugins to my site. I uploaded the marketpress to my site and it says error.

Please help, I am not technical. I need easy steps.

Here are the plugins I installed and can’t get any to work :





google plugin

update notifications

Do I need to add more or take away some to get the following?

This is what I want- please tell me the steps I need to get to this point:

People to sign-up on my site to sell their stuff

Them to be allowed to list as many items as they want

It will allow for them to add descriptions along with pictures

It would allow them to set their own price

Then paypal would work the splitting of the funds

Is there a way to charge a yearly fee to allow store owners to list their products

Believe me, I have read and searched. I am still not getting a totally understanding. I want it to work like ETSY. Where Etsy makes a profit off of each sale. ALL customers set up their own store WITHIN my site.