Marketpress Tracking Number Shipping company options

Hi! I'm wondering how I can add more options to the drop down list of companies in the "Manage Orders" page? I'm assuming I should just be able to add a company name and a website to link to somewhere?

  • digitsoft

    It took me a while to figure out that you were talking about the order details area...heh. can add it in /plugins/marketpress/marketpress.php above line 4422 like this:
    <option value="other"<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'MyShipping'); ?>><?php _e('MyShipping', 'mp'); ?></option>

    Then the drop down code area would look like this:

    <select name="mp_shipping_method">
    						<option value="other"><?php _e('Choose Method:', 'mp'); ?></option>
    						<option value="UPS"<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'UPS'); ?>>UPS</option>
    						<option value="FedEx"<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'FedEx'); ?>>FedEx</option>
    						<option value="USPS"<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'USPS'); ?>>USPS</option>
    						<option value="DHL"<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'DHL'); ?>>DHL</option>
    						<option value="other"<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'other'); ?>><?php _e('Other', 'mp'); ?></option>
    <option value="other"<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'MyShipping'); ?>><?php _e('MyShipping', 'mp'); ?></option>

    Just replace "MyShipping" (2 places) with what you want...

    I'll take a look and see if there's a better way to do this since upgrading would lose this...


  • digitsoft

    I just implemented it again and it works fine (pic attached)'s the whole code area:

    <h3><?php _e('Shipping Method & Tracking Number:', 'mp'); ?></h3>
    					<select name=&quot;mp_shipping_method&quot;>
    						<option value=&quot;other&quot;><?php _e('Choose Method:', 'mp'); ?></option>
    						<option value=&quot;MyShipping&quot;<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'MyShipping'); ?>><?php _e('MyShipping', 'mp'); ?></option>
    						<option value=&quot;UPS&quot;<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'UPS'); ?>>UPS</option>
    						<option value=&quot;FedEx&quot;<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'FedEx'); ?>>FedEx</option>
    						<option value=&quot;USPS&quot;<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'USPS'); ?>>USPS</option>
    						<option value=&quot;DHL&quot;<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'DHL'); ?>>DHL</option>
    						<option value=&quot;other&quot;<?php selected($order->mp_shipping_info['method'], 'other'); ?>><?php _e('Other', 'mp'); ?></option>
    					<input type=&quot;text&quot; name=&quot;mp_tracking_number&quot; value=&quot;<?php esc_attr_e($order->mp_shipping_info['tracking_num']); ?>&quot; size=&quot;25&quot; />
    					<input type=&quot;submit&quot; name=&quot;add-tracking&quot; value=&quot;<?php _e('Save &raquo;', 'mp'); ?>&quot; /><?php if ($order->post_status == 'order_received' ||$order->post_status == 'order_paid') { ?><input type=&quot;submit&quot; name=&quot;add-tracking-shipped&quot; value=&quot;<?php _e('Save & Mark as Shipped &raquo;', 'mp'); ?>&quot; /><?php } ?>

  • aecnu

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