MarketPress update – much improved but a few questions

Just getting started with the latest MarketPress update and so far, I find it much improved over the previous version. Thanks for the work on this. I know I’ll have questions about it as I continue to build my multisite marketplace. Here are four:

Question 1

Having a Store Pages list is a major improvement. Can you explain briefly what the Store Base page is used for? Is this the “front page” or landing page of the Store?

Question 2

I’ve set up two products as digital downloads, yet the address fields and phone fields still show up on the checkout page. All I need are name and email address. I’ve selected Digital Download on the Product Page and entered a File URL. Am I missing a step?

Question 3

I’d like to change the default colors for Estimated Total (now white text on black background)

Question 4

When I go to the individual product page for an item, the image gets huge and fuzzy. How can I keep it the same size as the smaller image on the Products page?