Marketpress update – shortcode layout changed

I updated from to

My formatted shortcode has changed it’s layout and I can see the div class and id’s have changed.

This is the code on the mainindex page:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[mp_list_global_products paginav="0" per_page="6" order_by="date" content="false" filters="0" list_view="0" text="none" show_price="0" thumbnail_size="150"]'); ?>

This is the old code on page(luckily I had a page open before the update):

<div class="product type-product mp_product mp_blog-1">
<div id="mp_product_list">
<h3 class="mp_product_name">...</h3>
<div ckass="mp_product_content">...</div>
<div class="mp_product_meta">...</div>

compared to the new

<div id="mp_product_list" class="hfeed mp_grid">
<div itemscope itemtype="" class="hentry mp_one_tile mp_thumbnail ">
<div class="mp_one_product" style="width: 250px;">
<div class="mp_product_detail" style="width: 250px;">...</div>
<div class="mp_price_buy" style="width: 250px; margin-left:-250px;">...</div>
<div style="display:none">...</div>

Please help!