MarketPress User (Customer) Accounts

Would like to suggest this as a feature to be added to MarketPress - giving the user the option to register a customer account either during checkout or prior (ie. both options available)

Registration, login and profile pages to be templated and styled with whatever theme is active and not part of the WP admin area.

I can't believe nobody has requested this yet!

  • Jonathan
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    +1 for user account creation with purchase, (not register an account there, and come back here)

    Started a topic on it awhile ago
    Official Response:
    Q1: Is this basic account creation functionality going to be added to marketpress?
    Answer:The current plan is no, it would cause too many conflicts with other plugins as well as adding a new registration point for spammers.
    Q2: If not, what is the developers recommended way for me to add this in?
    Answer: I'm open to ideas?

    I haven't made any progress on this myself. Coding takes time, and getting someone costs money. And I am weighing my options to which direction I am going to take with regards to shopping cart, which is more feasible. Adding this functionality would mean changing core files and make keeping plugin updated a hassle (Time+money with each update).

    It would be better if we could get the community behind this and make it a must have feature request.
    and there are a few +1's in the link I provided above :wink:

  • Elle Billias
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks Jonathan, I thought I had seen a post about it somewhere...searched the forum and couldn't find anything!

    I have been conversing with support prior to purchasing the plugin and they told me to come in here and try get community support behind it.

    I can't believe it's hardly been requested!

    To me having customer account services is quite a substantial requirement in an ecommerce environment!

    I have gotten as far as theming my registration/login/profile pages using Theme My Login and am about to try and create a new registration page that will connect with the MarketPress fields using the Simplr Registration plugin.

    I'm not big on coding myself - much more in to the styling side of things.

    Ultimately it would be awesome if MarketPress could provide all of these features without the need for additional plugins.

  • DavidM
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    Hiya everyone,

    Thanks for all your input on this, it does sound reasonable. I'll get this moved to the feature suggestion forum, though Jonathan's original thread seems to provide a good deal more information and votes, so that may be a better thread to focus on with this.

    Either way though, the votes will be considered. :slight_smile:


  • Elle Billias
    • Flash Drive

    It would be handy to include the option of "Express Checkout" ie. no need to register to checkout.

    It would also be good if the email field was the one associated with the user profile and not an additional field - it doesn't seem necessary to have a separate email field for billing and shipping as well as part of the default user profile.

    Also as it stands, MarketPress implies that if you have made a purchase before then you do in fact have a user account...?

    from page store/shopping-cart/shipping

    Made a purchase here before? Login now to retrieve your saved info »

    Yet unable to login since in fact user account has not been created from last purchase, it has to be done so manually.

    Food for thought :slight_smile:

    In the meantime, while you guys are working on making this the BEST plugin...
    I have been able to create a custom registration form that includes the fields, however on submission the data is not passed through to the actual user profile...any ideas? Using "Theme My Login" for the registration template.


  • Erum
    • Syntax Hero

    +1 for this
    I had to use Membership2 plugin to get the register and login pages to be styled. This should be built-in functionality. And even with this there are no options to add a link to the main menu which will show login/account depending on your login status. You can code around it, sure but then your sub-site customers don't get to make changes and add sub-menu to the section.

    At the main site I used Pro-sites as I needed to use different levels for sign-up but that did not give me a custom login and the site creation process makes customer press sign-up like 3 times before they can actually sign-up. Had to use an admin theme plugin to theme the login page.

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