MarketPress User Manual & Tech Manual

Aloha Support,

As you know, many of us support clients using your plugins.

MarketPress is a very good tool. But we have run into an issue because we DO NOT want to be doing everything for our client. We want our clients to be self-serve when possible.

That said, after extensive research we found some VIDEOS for MarketPress, but they are out of date:

In particular, the SETUP WIZARD is not covered at all. Yet, this is a huge area of concern dealing with clients. For example the WIZARD can only be used ONCE. (is there a way to re-use +remembering previous settings??) But you have API's in there, where it would be better taken care of in a TECH WIZARD so we could have the CLIENT just use the WIZARD.

So it would be great if there was a walk-thru video for that. But, what is the biggest solutions is if you have USER and TECH Manuals for MarketPress. I assume you do, as 4+ years ago it was pending.

So, I hope for a link to the actual manuals and any UPDATED videos.

Aloha Dustin