Marketpress User Product Uploads!


Here’s a question I haven’t seen asked, though I may have overlooked, and really the answer will dictate whether I buy the full version of Marketpress or not.

I want a single site store, where members can upload products to MY site. To clarify: is it possible for me to have a store where members create a product (which should be accompanied by an image) and upload it, whereupon it waits for my approval/editing before it gets ‘published’ and becomes available to the public? And second to that, would this chained payments gateway work with just ONE site, so that the user still gets his/her commission?

The business model is this: I want memebrs of my site to be able to upload images of their work to a gallery (no problem), but then they need to be able to nominate some of those images to be sold as products in my shop under certain categories, etc… it would greatly reduce time if they can create the products themselves, rather than laiden me with all that admin.