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I am looking/hoping that Marketpress will be able to do something like a custom configurator/builder.

Create a product and allow the user the build that product from components to complete the whole. Like you would at Dell for example to build a computer.

  • James Morris
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    Hello Joshua,

    I hope you are well today.

    At present, MarketPress doesn't have a "Builder" feature as it were, but if you could provide us with a bit more information about what you're wanting to accomplish, we may be able to suggest a workaround. If we cannot accomplish this with our plugin, we may know of a plugin that is better suited to your needs.

    Could you provide a little more information about your needs so we can help you better?

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Joshua
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    Well I am hoping to be able to allow clients build and spec computers to their needs within options that we have. While most are basically the same every client (and even departments within the client organization) will have different needs. We wanted to have 3 product offerings basically computer for basic needs, power user, and specialist needs. For each of these offerings they need to be able to pick from a list of options for each component such as the amount of ram, ssd size, and cpu. We are also wanting to put accessories afterwards for things like keyboards, mice, monitors and the like.

    I have been told that using WooCommerce and their plugins we should be able to do it but the upfront costs of about $500 for just he plugins (annually) and then probably the development consultant on top of that makes Marketpress a much better option if possible.

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