MarketPress vs Affiliate


I am looking to create a sales network (like Avon) and wanted to know if I can do this with MarketPress. I would need to be able to:

Have the same products across every store
Members can not modify the products (or can remove some, but not add)

Would this work?

Alternatively, I am looking at setting up one store with affiliates. Does the Affiliate plugin integrate with FrameMarket/Marketpress?

Any other idea how I can do this using your products? Like an affiliate program on steroids.


  • Mason

    Hiya aodmarketing,

    You could setup a network of stores and use the New Blog Template plugin to make each new site an exact copy of your template site:

    The final step would be to create a custom user role where folks could delete products from their site, but not add to them. This should be possible using a role editor plugin such as this one: (there are others available for free as well)

    Using the PayPal chained gateways in MarketPress you'd be able to take a percentage of each sale.

    We do have an affiliate plugin on this site as well, but integration with products and tracking sales isn't something we've implemented (yet). The solution I outlined above would be the easiest. If you'd like to have affiliate integration that's something you'll need custom development for at the moment.