MarketPress vs Woocommerce

I have not always been nice to WPMUDEV - some acid comments about the Membership plugin - but I wanted to say I am impressed by the performances of the MarketPress plugin.

I did a test comparing the Woocommerce & MarketPress plugins, exact same setup, same number of products, plugins, widgets on pages, same content overall, etc - I cloned the site with the Duplicator plugin by which is free and fast (Sarah Gooding wrote a post about it somewhere on, check it out).

The results on a localhost setup with no caching.
Average # of SQL queries per visit went down from 80 (avg.) with Woocommerce installed to 50 (avg.) with MarketPress.
Plugin load time for MarketPress was four times lower then for Woocommerce, from almost one second to 0.2 second.
Memory usage was down from 64 Mb to 60Mb, which isn't negligible either considering that is just for a single plugin change.
Tests were repeated five times, to be sure.

Won't go into details (I used P3 - Plugin Performance Profiler, check for yourself, it's a free plugin, good enough for preliminary tests) but I must say these are good results.

Market Press automatically imported products created with Woocommerce.
Works with the Genesis framework without the need of a connector plugin (minor css tweaks only).
Well done.

I have always used Woocommerce for clients so far but I think I might give MarketPress a try.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey


    Thank you very much for the kind words, and for sharing the results of your testing.

    Reading reports of "real world" results on various configurations is always helpful.

    I'll be sure to pass your comments on to the developer :slight_smile:


  • FeleciaRose
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    So happy to hear this WildT! I'm using genesis and genesis child themes and have been concerned about compatibility issues with WPMU plugins.

    I really like genesis themes because they're fairly easy for me to customize -- I'm strictly a front-end builder who learns code on as add needed basis.

    As you know, genesis also has some pretty slick plug-ins.

    BUT now I need to build THREE membership sites. Tried Premise but too limited. Found WPMU and have high hopes. Will be using MarketPress on two of the aforementioned. One site is totally free but I need to regulate content access.

    I'm playing around with Membership now -- was able to set up Marketplace in about 15 minutes. But Membership is another story. Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to set up a free membership? That's my first priority.

    At any rate, let's keep in touch. Maybe our collaboration will help some other folks out. Only Together!

  • WildT
    • Flash Drive

    Hello FeleciaRose,
    Thanks for the message :slight_smile:
    I don't know if this is the proper topic to post an answer to your question, what you could do is create a new topic with your question regarding Membership, mention me (@WildT in the message) so that I shall be warned about it, and I would explain what I have done to solve that issue. I am not a staff member but I shall gladly share that knowledge. Membership's documentation is still fuzzy on that issue, it took me two days to figure it out, with the help of the support staff here.

    One more thing about MarketPress. Some people complain that there aren't many extensions available. That's typical from reviewers : what's in there out the box ?

    Granted: WooCommerce has plenty (one has to think twice: are they all truly useful for your specific needs? I realized I could only use three for my clients' needs so far. And if you need more gateways in MaketPress, well it's a $200 job at most. If you're in Europe like I am, and are are not using Paypal - almost no one does over here - but local gateways, that is the way to go.)

    However, when it comes to shaping a product's description to your liking - a known weakness with WooCommerce - the fact that MarketPress respects WordPress's Custom Post Types structure makes it easy to tweak the templates, use dozens of WordPress plugins available on to add features to a product description like adding ratings, reviews, inserting microdata and all sorts of microformats - great for search results - and so on.... It doesn't matter if they are not labeled "MarketPress extensions", does it?

    This structural difference is why most Woocommerce pages around the web tend to look similar. They are tougher to tweak for the non techies.
    Both are reliable solutions, indeed, it depends on what you want.

  • WildT
    • Flash Drive


    I should add MarketPress works very well with the Genesis Framework's available plugins I have tested so far. Want to create one or many custom product grids depending on what page you are? No problem. Use Genesis Grid, or Genesis Extender, they work nicely. Powerful and not ressources hungry. Quite unique in the WP world. Works with WooCommerce as well, to be honest.

    The only plugin you don't want to use with the Genesis Framework right now (as of February 2013) is BuddyPress. Genesis Connect for BuddyPress is broken and buggy as hell (since BP 1.6.3) and an update won't be available until BuddyPress 1.7 is out of Beta. Can't use the BuddyPress Template Pack anymore either, not out of the box.
    All modifications to the templates have to be done by hand, without any proper documentation, either from StudioPress or from
    I am one of the the founders of the French BuddyPress community since the early days - december 2008 - so I know what I am talking about :slight_smile:
    (And there are apparently no plans to fully support bbPress - the forums in BuddyPress - with Genesis Connect, as stated in StudioPress's forums by Ron Rennick. Lots of tweaking will be needed. Then of course, things may change.)

    By the way, a message to you guys at WPMUDEV: why don't you create a blank, responsive HTML5 theme with no fancy options except an easy, flexible layout plugin fully BuddyPress aware (not drag & drop, please...keep the bloatware away) ?
    No fancy framework, no preconfigured css with scores of options à la Canvas (WooThemes), just that layout feature. I'd love using it and I wouldn't be the only one. I know it is tricky, but should be less so with BP 1.7

  • FeleciaRose
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    WildT you are spectacular! I spent 4 hours yesterday trying to get Genesis Connect and BuddyPress working -- thought I did, but now I'll reboot entirely -- don't need additional aggravation down the road -- can I use a genesis child theme withOUT the Genesis Connect and still use BuddyPress? thanks so much!

  • WildT
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I'm only sharing what I know.
    Sure it's possible to use a Genesis child theme without the Genesis Connect plugin.
    It used to be possible to go the BuddyPress Template Pack road instead, with lots of css tweaks. Now it's just a waste of time. There are problems with Ajax in the groups and the latest version of bbPress used in BP 1.6.4 isn't compatible with the Genesis Framework, says one of the StudioPress bosses.

    If you have plenty of time and are familiar with the Genesis templates structure and the one from BuddyPress, that will help. Essentially you will be doing what they are planning to work on at StudioPress when the final BP release is out. It can be fun for some.

    However if it is for a client, don't bother unless you decide not to update their site afterwards. In a few weeks - or months ? - everything would be broken and you would loose your shirt spending hours fixing it again.

    If you want to play around I suggest you skip BP 1.6.4 and look at the future, doing it with the available BP 1.7 version from the trunk, Be warned though: not yet a release candidate, with lots of tickets still open and many patches to come.
    If it is for a client, it is better to downgrade to BP 1.6.2, compatible with Genesis Connect.
    Not a shameful thing to do; man went to the moon with less computing power than what is available on an Android device, right? :slight_smile: What matters is that it works.

    As far as I'm concerned I don't have enough time to test the current version in the trunk and I have decided to wait till the RC is out, so I don't have any further useful advice to give you regarding the integration of Genesis and BP at that point, unfortunately.
    Ah the joys of software updates when you are running a business.

  • reson8
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Ok this topic is really interesting.

    Please could you explain your original diagnosis in a little more detail please WildT.

    Did the main network site use the Genesis framework and child theme with the marketpress plugin?

    Did the member sites use the Genesis framework and child themes with woocommerce to build their product inventories?

    Are you saying the marketpress plugin automatically imported all the products from the member sites and displayed them correctly?

    If the above is not your diagnosis does anybody know if it's possible? If that is not possible is it possible for member sites to use the Genesis framework and the various child themes alongside the marketpress plugin?

    I love the genesis framework as well if you can't tell....but also the functionality of Marketpress.

    Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

  • FeleciaRose
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @WildT and @reson8

    I'm trying to do the same thing -- use genesis and genesis themes with WPMU -- with varying degrees of success -- I will advise as I move forward using Marketpress on this thread -- pls see updates I'll be making today regarding using Buddypress 1.7

  • hpidriver
    • The Crimson Coder

    As reson8 mentioned, this has been a very interesting thread. I'm going to test out some of my sites with that P3 tool

    @reson8 - WildT wrote that in his comparison both platforms had identical configurations and that Marketpress automatically imported the Woocommerce products. I wonder if there would be any difference had he cloned a Marketpress site into the Woocommerce copy, and if Woocommerce would have imported products created with Marketpress.

  • Shira
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey all,
    I'm building an online store with the feature of nulti-store as well, I m using marketpress plugin, and the wp multi-site.
    In deed it provides all necessary functionality etc. and I m very happy to work with WPMUdev.
    My only problem, I am not satisfied from the features and functionality of the theme I'm using: FrameMarket theme. It is boring, no effects and transitions, no modern visuality.
    I really like Enfold theme, and was hoping to find any similar theme on the market that I could work with (combining all previous plugins).
    Any ideas?

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