Marketpress w/ Pinboard

The first question that i have is that I purchased the $19 Marketpress and it said I would get unlimited support for 30 days. However, I didn't get any kind of login information and can't figure out how to get into the support or community areas.

I also have a few specific questions to start off and may have a few more later on.

The first is, I am using the Pinboard theme and all of my thumbnails, no matter what size I define them as in the store settings, they show show up blown up to full width and pixelated. I'd like them to actually show up whatever size I define.

Second, for some reason when I try to click on add to card from an individual products page, the button jumps around and make the whole screen flash and go crazy. Looks like when on hover it's changing size and that it's jumping from where it is to an align-right, back and forth.

The third question I have is that for shipping I think I want to stick with the US (maybe Canada as well). I have my targeted countries checked but when I use the weight table under shipping it still shows International and says that if I don't put a price in that they will get free shipping. Is there a way to just take them off completely so that they don't have the option to purchase the product?

Thank you for your time. I apologize if this isn't the right way to do this. As soon as I figure out how to log in I will do it properly. Thank you for your patience and your assistance.