Marketpress, whats missing?

Oh sweet lord I cant believe I really have to type all this out again because my PC went all freaky :slight_frown:

Right ok (deep breath)

Hi all,

I work with full blown ecommerce softwares everyday and although I love Marketpress for some of its immense multisite features etc I do feel that it lacks in some areas (some of Marketpress’s competitors actually have some of these :wink:

OK so here they are, if I can remember them all AGAIN, damn PC rassenfracken brasssa grrr.

1. Geo Zones for more flexible tax and shipping.

2. Featured products widget/shortcode.

3. Related products widget/shortcode. Admin choose related products in add/edit product page that are displayed somehwere on that products front end page.

4. Latest products widget/shortcode.

5. Recently viewed widget/shortcode. Display thumbs of recently viewed products when user is browsing other products.

6. Restrict shipping by category or cart variables i.e. sub-total

7. Coupons: allowed uses from user and globally. So a user can use a coupon once and there is only 100 t be used globally.

8. More payment gateways i.e. Alertpay

9. Bulk product uploader. Upload loads of products via csv, where you can set everything from image url to related products.

10. Downloadable product link scrambler (maybe something similar to what you have in Membership?)

11. Invoicing features.

12. One page checkout (not sure if this isnt already a feature already to be fair)

Phew well its late, Im sure I can think of more but for now that will do, anybody wat to add anything. Anyway I hope the Devs for Marketpress pick up on this post.