MarketPress - what's the shortcode for the Product widget on a page?

I have a blog that has a candy store in it. We want the main page of the blog to be a static page - the one with the candy for sale on it. MarketPress installed a "Store" page with a bunch of ugly text navigation. I gather that these were built with shortcodes but I don't see anywhere a shortcode to get the products to display. The sub-menu item "Products" is what we want to see when users click on "Store." Although I can remedy that easily in the menus, I can't make Products the main page of the theme when people first visit because it isn't a page at all. I can only choose "Store," which as I said is totally ugly. I can take all the stuff out of it, but how do I display my products automatically on THAT page? I see in the widgets that there's one that displays the products, but I'm using the 2013 theme and the only place I can put the widgets is in the footer area. I want the main body to contain the products. How do I do that?