Marketpress - Where is the Submit button in "Checkout: Payement Method" Screen


Im not sure what is supposed to happen at the Payment Method screen upon checking out w/ Marketpress. Right now, all that is visible is a title saying "Choose a Payment Method" and then two radio inputs, one for google checkout and one for paypal, both of which I turned on in the backend. But, after that, nothing...

Is the customer supposed to fill in the radio button and then it automatically goes to the next page?

I've tried this and it does not not work. I've also tried clicking on the payment method images, and that does not work either.

Any thoughts?

Here is the site:

Just go through the checkout process up to that page and you will see what I am talking about.

Also, is it possible to disable the shipping form upon checkout? If not, can't I just write a line of PHP to detect whether or not the shipping method was set to "No Shipping" in MP's settings, and jump to the next screen?

Thanks for your help! I'm really enjoying Marketpress!