MarketPress: White Page of Death

When I install/active the MarketPress plugin I get the "white page of death" for everything. I've installed automatically through the dashboard and manually through FTP, both producing the same results.

I actually had it running for a couple of days, made a product and changed some general settings for common things like payments, etc.

  • ThePath

    Hi Chris,

    Wow that is weird. Have you been making any other changes recently. Because you stated that is was working I am immediately thinking that the white screen of death is be caused by something else. Perhaps changes you have made to the theme or other plugins that have been installed?

    It would be handy if you could tell us what theme you are using, if youve made changes to it (if so what). A link to your site would also be helpful and I guess you have tried disabling all the plugins (via phpMyadmin if you cant access the wp admin) to see if the site comes back on and enable only Marketpress to see if it then breaks again.

    If you are unsure how to disable all the plugins from via PHPMyadmin then this tells you how:

    Ive never had this issue with MP and run it on a number of sites.

    ps you have posted this question in the WPMU DEV Dashboard forum....should be in the MP one.


  • chris_hale

    Alright, so the common details:

    Theme: Qualifire. There hasnt been any changes in months. All Ive done recently is added WPMU DEV, MP and a few plugin updates. This wasnt all done at once and then got errors (eliminates trying to troubleshoot 5 other variables).

    Plugins: I've narrowed it down to being Marketpress by way of simply deactivating ALL plugins and re-activating each one until the issue is's MP. So at this moment everything is working since MP is deactivated.

    It is total white pages (no other page content).

    I've had memory issues in the past that cause the WPoD but that was resolved.

    When I posted the question from my dashboard MP was disabled (otherwise would not have been able to access the dashboard) so posting to MP board wasnt an option. Can I move the topic?

    Thanks for the help on this!!

  • ThePath

    Nah it would need to be a member of support who moves this thread.

    Ive checked your site in Firebug and you have a number of errors, 12 in fact. Mostly 404 not founds, a lot of stylesheets and JS files seem to be missing or are referenced when they are not required. This plugin seems to be the culprit: wpng-calendar

    You have one syntax error also. These will probably be unrelated but cant do any harm to sort them out.

    Does the error log on your servers shed any more light?


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    I've had memory issues in the past that cause the WPoD but that was resolved.

    All Ive done recently is added WPMU DEV, MP and a few plugin updates.

    That requires more memory. The more plugins, the more code (even updated plugins as they could have more code than before) and the more users you have the more memory php needs to process it all.

    Can I move the topic?

    Topic moved :slight_smile:

    At the moment with the information provided so far my money would be on memory. If you can check those error logs you should know for sure and if it is then some debugging and testing for conflicts would need further action.

    Let me know what you find in the logs?


  • chris_hale

    I got pulled away on another project the last few days...finally coming up for air.

    I'm not getting anything on the server side error logs (which just seems out of place it itself).

    I just did the WP 3.5 and WPMU Update this morning. I deactivated the WPNG Calender and decided before digging deeper into my issue I would see if the MP plugin would work now....of course it does. So somewhere in the above steps the issue was corrected. I'll keep an eye out on any recurrence.

    I appreciate all the quick support and responses to this. And thanks for insight on Firebug. I definitely have a lot of dumb errors/issues in the site to correct (like 404 errors).

    Thanks again!

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