Marketpress with buddy press on a multisite merged with profile information

Hi, I'm running wordpress 4.0 on my multi site. I'm trying to merge buddypress with marketpress, I saw on various forums that this is actually possible. So what I want is:

- Front page (main page) to stay intact and show only the newest products, products on sale, top stores, new stores,.. etc.. I think I can manage to do this on my own.
- now for the hard part - I'm creating a site where each store will have their own site (sub-site with subdomain) and they could sell their products on our site. I want to display their information (store picture, contact info, geo located map,..) so I thought I could merge buddypress with marketpress on a sub site (subdomain account). I want to be able to put the profile page of buddy press into the content of my sub-site homepage. Then I want to activate that user on that site so he can edit his information and also add products on sale. This would be enabled for store owners only. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Or is there an easier way?