Marketpress with prosites and easy blogging

I have Marketpress set to auto activate for a silver level in pro sites. I gave the user a one day free trial and the user is now not paid. I expected Marketpress to no longer be available to the user but he can still add products. I created the add product url through easy blogging menu.
How do I get the marketpress plugin to deactivate after the free trial period for users who do not pay?

  • xaviemirmon

    If you use the premium plugins addon in pro sites you can create another level that includes marketpress and one that doesn't. I am using that setup so if I have free users they don't have access to certain themes but I give them a trial for the level above which does have those themes. The same can be used with plugins if you check the premium plugins under Modules/Gateways you get a new tab under Pro Site > Premium Plugins where you can define a minimum level on the screenshot below and a new box on the other screenshot below Pro Sites > Settings with plugins instead of themes and you can customize a message to tell them to upgrade if they want to use that plugin. The developer really thought of everything. Hope that helps!