MarketPress & WPML Multilingual CMS

Hi there,

I've been working for a little while with MarketPress plugin on my Multisite Wordpress environment that is running locally on my laptop through Bitnami Wordpress Stack. The plugin WPML Multilingual CMS by ICanLocalize is also installed.

This is a test environment as I'm trying to understand whether I can build up a social/e-commerce platform by using Wordpress and your plugins.

Anyway, everything seems working fine so far apart from the fact that I'm not able to get translation for some of your pages, which are the ones coming from the Store Navigation List - [mp_store_navigation] - (Displays a list of links to your store pages).

Could you please have a look at the screenshot I've sent to ICanLocalize and at the thread from them hereby attached?

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance for your help,