[MarketPress + WPML] Some strings are translated but displayed in english

Hi, I've an e-commerce site based on market press and wpml and I translated manually every string by WPML > String translation menu.
Testing the site I noticed that some strings (in checkout area) are displayed in english when i surf the site in italian or in french, so i checked those strings by searching them in string translation, and they result translated -i checked that the translations are really in the right language, and they are, but i always see those strings in english.

I posted this same topic in WPML's forum (here: http://forum.wpml.org/topic.php?id=4297#post-19864) and the result seems to be that those strings are hard-coded in marketpress. Is it true? What should I do?


  • annapallotti
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Phil,
    This is my shop: http://www.magnitudostyle.it/wp/
    if you try to buy something in italian - or french - (like this: http://www.magnitudostyle.it/wp/store/products/giacchetto-3/ by clicking "Aggiungi al carrello") then go on Cart icon on top - right, and "Procedi all'acquisto" you can see the first english sentence "Please enter your shipping information in the form below to proceed with your order."
    If you go on with your order, choosing manual payment (paypal is not yet available), you can find "You are almost done! Please do a final review of your order to make sure everything is correct then click the "Confirm Payment" button."
    If you confirm you'll find "Thank you for your order! We appreciate your business, and please come back often to check out our new products."
    For last, if you trace your order you'll find "If you have any questions about your order please do not hesitate to contact us." and in the bottom "« Back".

    I checked over and over all of those strings and their status is "Translation complete".

    Thank you

  • annapallotti
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I don't know if you have some agreement with WMPL but I subscribed to WPMUDEV only for download Marketpress and to pair it with WPML (that I purchased specifically for this reason).

    I think it isn't good that they say that the problem is in your code and IMHO, I would not seem inappropriate but I think that you should contact them for try to find the solution.

    However, I referred what you said to me, hoping to solve.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    That didn't work but no worries. I'm trying to put heads together on this. I've tried to translate the strings using string translation but they do not appear so I've e-mailed Aaron and WPML about this to see if we can find out what's happening.


  • chickenrun
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @phil: I was unable to translate the strings from the "special" context that wpml-markeptess creates (marketpress-slugs, messages and mails).

    eg1: the address mydomain.com/negozio/stato-ordine/ (which should be the italian equivalent to mydomain.com/store/order-status/?lang=en ) gives a 404 - not found, same is mydomain.com/negozio/prodotti/ which should be the italian translation of mydomain.com/store/products/?lang=en. (of course the relevant strings are translated).
    Instead the page mydomain.com/negozio/order-status/ works...

    eg: the messages on the single pages such as the shipping one are not translated (they are always in english) even if the relevant string are translated

    The whole process worked when I switched the default language from Italian to english...

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    I answered to you all about 30 minutes ago... didn't you received my e-mail?

    Yes sorry, I saw your e-mail just a few minutes after I posted that thread update :slight_smile:

    @chickenrun Can you create a new topic for your issues please, I don't want to clog up this thread with multiple issues - it just gets messy and harder to help!


  • thorsten119
    • Flash Drive

    Any news on this topic besides private mails?

    Also on WPML-forum request to this topic there is no answer...
    Translation still doesn't work for messages (in checkout-process) nor on the confirmation mails to customers.
    I.e.: everything from .../wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product&page=marketpress&tab=messages

    This topic obviously was posted on both WPMU & WPML forum and no result seems to be there...
    Please stick your heads together with the WPML guys&girls to have this sorted out soon :wink:

  • thorsten119
    • Flash Drive

    no Phil, I do not agree.
    Otherwise annapallotti would still have been a member & not "inactive".
    The way you argue counts for a simple "one language-page" in another language.
    But not for a multi-language-site as postulated by WPMU&WPML, this "simple solution" is not an argument.

    BUT: since the last update I see BIG progress! :wink:))))
    You did look far beyond a "wasp" myopia and accepted the "real" multilingual at last. :wink:
    Still there remain some issues:
    the EMAILS sent to customers are only partly translated:
    e.g.: New Order Confirmation: the subject is, the text is not!
    (see screenshot)

  • thorsten119
    • Flash Drive

    Thank you Phil,
    it is not resolved asfar you want to have a multilingual website and not use wpml just to translate strings to one single language.
    Nevertheless, it really seems to be a wpml-marketpress.php plugin issue, so I have posted it on WPML-Forum

    Sorry for having been harsh,


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