MarketPress/GridMarket/BuddyPress Forum related

This is in response to "aecnu's" query......Posted three days ago...somehow missed by it again....please someone tell me how the problem can be rectified....

Before installing BuddyPress I activated (just activated not configured) the WPMU Forum Plugin and after installing BuddyPress site-wide when it started showing some issues...I deleted and deactivated all plugins (as you had suggested) and started all over again...but it kept on showing [forum:2] in the Forum Page (it appeared automatically) as well as URL ( ....then I again deleted and reinstalled BB. This time going by this tutorial

Now the situation as it is now, when I click on the Menu Item "Discuss" ( it shows me the correct page. But when I click on Moretique.Com>Community>Forum ( it shows this message...

Access to the webpage was denied
You are not authorized to access the webpage at You may need to sign in.
HTTP Error 403 (Forbidden): The server refused to fulfill the request.

Neither the Forum nor the Blog sub-menus are working....just let me know how do I...
a) correct the problem and
b) how do I integrate the Post section with BB blog or
b) delete the sub-menus (Forum & Blog) appearing within Community

Because I want to keep my site simple...Home (static page), Buy (global store), Sell (static page), Boutiques (auto generated sections), Community (member's area using BB)

Please guide me what I should be doing....