Marking the category when adding an new event?

When adding a new event in the wp-admin interface, there is no place to mark what category the event should be associated with. I can only see where to do this by editing the same event from the front end. Am I missing something?

Alternatively, is there a way to add events from the front end in addition to editing them?

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  • mort3n
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi sstremel,

    In the left hand menu under Events there is the submenu Categories. Go there and add some categories you need

    When you create a new Event the categories are shown in a widget on the right hand side. If it’s not showing then check the WP Screen settings in the upper right corner and check the Event categories box.

    You can create Events in the front-end. Under Events -> Settings activate the Add-on Front-end Editing. Then create a page for the Editor and add the shortcode




  • sstremel
    • Flash Drive

    That was it – hadn’t looked at the screen options.

    By the way – I wanted to thank you for the way the plugins module for this was written. It was a piece of cake to tack in my own plugin for handling email notifications to people when they RSVP.

    Second question (if it’s allowed…:wink: – is there a way to restrict who can use a particular category? aka, one class of super users can categorize an event with a ‘sponsored’ tag, but the general users can’t use that tag? This would be helpful for having ‘special events’ in contrast to general member events.

    Thanks so much,

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @sstremel

    Thanks for the compliments! I’ll be sure pass that on to the plugin developer.

    Second question (if it’s allowed…:wink:

    Questions are always allowed… and you don’t even have to raise your hand :slight_smile: However, to avoid confusion, it’s usually preferable to create a new thread for new questions, unless they are intimately tied to the original post.

    To restrict or grant access permissions per user role, try the following plugin:

    Among other things, it allows you to control which categories users can post to, and it supports custom Post Types and Taxonomies.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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