Marko: we need help with coursepress pro theme

We have coursepress pro theme and we need it to work on mobile devices. Right now it is not. Can you help me?

  • iBabko
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Yes thank you. The coursePress Pro theme does not work on Android.

    This was a response from your team members.

    The team and I just did a big testing session, and we discovered:

    1. It works on non-Apple tablets, including my Samsung, but that’s because it’s not trying to switch to a mobile theme, it’s just showing a scaled down version of the desktop version.

    2. On Ari’s Android 4.4.4, the hamburger icon doesn’t appear, which prevents him from accessing the menu.

    3. On Vaughan’s 4.0, there’s a question mark, which will open a drop down when tapped.

    These tests indicate that there’s an issue with your theme, it’s not optimized for non-Apple phones. (Tablets are okay, the display area is large enough to display all the theme elements as they are.)

    Your best option here would be to contact the theme developer. Some theme developers are more responsive than others, so if you aren’t able to get help from that person, come back and let us know, we may be able to track down why it’s misbehaving on Android phones.

    We are contacting you because you all developed the theme.

    Is this enough?

  • Marko Miljus
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi there!

    I’ve managed to reproduce the issues. However, I am waiting for @Rheinard to jump in and set up environment for mobile testing (inspector) and see what might be wrong.

    Will let you know about the results soon.

    Btw, I’ve fixed the issue with mobile icon on Android.



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