MarkPress Featured Product in each category


I’m actually trying to get the “featured” function so one product from each of my categories can be marked as “featured” and display on the homepage.

I’m using the shortcode in my index.php file to achieve that:

echo do_shortcode(‘[mp_list_global_products paginate=”1″ page=”0″ per_page=”1″ order_by=”date” order=”ASC” category=”children” text=”none” tag=”featured” as_list=”0″ thumbnail_size=”184″]’:wink:;

But it seems like the code cannot filter BOTH category and tag, it is now showing the most recent product from the category “children”.

And I also noticed that the shortcode cannot take multiple categories if I have “Featured” as another category.

I’ve read from some posts on the forum saying that I can achieve the “featured” feature by using Post Indexer, but does anyone know what exactly do I need to do to that plugin?

Does anyone has any solution on this issue? Any help would be appreciated!