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I have a standard WP 3.0.4 install with the membership plugin to protect downloadable content but have an issue with the "masked download url" which I cant resolve or find already in the forum.

As a simple example to get started I have setup some example content to be downloadable to logged in users and not for logged out users

When logged out I get the "no access" message when I click on a link to access the content, as expected. Then when I log in I still get the "no access" message , which is unexpected. If i then refresh the page the content loads.

The content loads fine then on subsequent clicks until I empty my cache. It does this in firefox, ie and chrome so there is obviously something I'm missing

Any help would be much appreciated

  • Mason
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    Hiya mhinson,

    That's no fun!

    Is the login taking place on the same page as the restricted content? If the login happens via ajax or if the page loads before the login credentials are verified then you'll have this issue.

    That would be my first two thoughts at least. You may have to get around this, by having a dedicated login page that folks are directed to and then allow them to return to their previous page.

    Hope this helps.

    Oh, and welcome to WPMU DEV! :smiley:

  • mhinson
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    Thanks for your advice guys, but no luck. I am using a clean install of wordpress with no other plugins active. I'm also using the standard wordpress login from the homepage of my test site and then navigating to my example content page

    I wonder if you wouldn't mind taking a look at my example site?
    - shows a "free giveaway" doc that proves the protected content feature is masking the url properly
    - has 3 example downloads. Docs 1 and 3 should be available to my example user. Doc 2 should be blocked for this user
    The login for my test user is "test1" with pw "sunshine"

    Again, any help you could give me with this would be much appreciated

  • Mason
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    HIya, mhinson,

    I took a look and am seeing the same results as you. Can you post a screenshot of your options page to show us how you have it set up in the membership admin?

    I'll also ask Barry and Mohanjith to drop by and take a look at this.


  • mhinson
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi, it appears to definitely be a caching issue now I've spent some more time testing it.

    If the user is shown a "no access" message, by trying to access the content whilst logged out, they will continue to see this message even when logged in and allowed access (Hope that sentence makes sense). But if the user just logs in the first time the correct documents are accessible and viewable.

    I understand I could hide all the restricted content by hiding the links to users who wouldn't have permission anyway, but I would like to get to the bottom of this.....

    Anyways....Barry you asked for more screenshots. Is there a private message function here or direct email so I can send you login details to the site? It's only a test site so I don't really care who has them but I'd rather not post them here. Otherwise I'll go through and take a bunch of screenshots

    Thanks Again

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