mass comment delete MU?

I am wondering if anyone has done anything with MU that would allow the site admins to delete all unmoderated comments across the entire install of all blogs, and perhaps delete all unmoderated comments that are more than a month old.. I wonder how many comments are just sitting around in moderation on dozens of blogs that have not been logged into in a while..

I also wonder if any plugins would allow us to turn off comments on all blog posts and pages that are more than a month old -

I'm thinking of trying to make some space in my database, and free up some server resources from comments spammers that may not be dealt with by my blog users. Any suggestions?

  • drmike
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    You would have some serious "It's my blog, damnit!" concerns if you did that from some from your more vocal endusers if you did that. I know went through this when they set Akismet to autodelete caught spam after 2 weeks and forgot to mention it to anyone.

    Having said that, I would see if you could set Akismet or Typepad Antispam if you;re using either one of those to autodelete as a default. I would just make sure folks were aware of that setting though before doing so.

    And if not, take a look at those plugins as they do autodeleteing. You'll have to setup a loop though to run through the blogs.


    I also wonder if any plugins would allow us to turn off comments on all blog posts and pages that are more than a month old

    I believe that's built in now as of 3.0. Not sure if it sets that to a default though.

  • djsteve
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    Thanks for the info Mike - I definitely see the issue getting people up in arms about it. I post notices to my users at least 30 days in advance of major changes. I have never tried to run akisment through MU - wasn't quite sure how that would work - if I could do it sitewide or if it had to be enabled on a blog by blog basis.

    My big concern is that I have about 100 abandoned blogs in my one MU install, and I am assuming that comments have been left open, and the spam comments may not be getting posted, but they are still filling up my database..

    So any plugins that would go through and delete comments more than 60 days old would probably free up quite a bit of room, especially when it is time to backup and upgrade my sql database.

    If there is a way to run akisment though all the blogs from the site admin panel, I guess that may zap a good portion of them, I'll need to look into that.

    Thanks for your input Dr M!

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