Mass Email Sender subscriber list.


I have installed the e-newsletter plugin to allow multisite site owners to send newsletter to their users.

As site owner, I also need to send newsletters to ALL site users but e-newsletter is not available to network admin.

I now realise that the Mass Email Sender plugin can send to all users which is great but I have some concerns.

Your info states that users can unsubscribe but the plugin does not seem to have a subscriber list to manage, Therefore;

If a user unsubscribes;

How do I know?

Do they also unsubscribe from newsletters on the specific sub-site they are


How do I add subscriptions? If I add a user are they signed up as default?

I am looking for any experience or advice on the below so feel fee to ignore.

I don’t suppose you might also know haw many sent emails a day would be considered ok when on a shared host. Our site looks to be possibly 600 per day per sub-domain 25X. (15,000)

I have a reseller plan for all my domains- c-panel access – do you think I will need to upgrade to a vps or dedicated server?

Sorry for so many questions