Massive Inconsistency between WPMU Dev Dashboard and WPMU login Info!

There is a massive inconsistency between the information shown on the status of the questions on the WPMU Dev dashboard within my site and when I log in to the WPMU Dev .org site.

I have mentioned before about why is there a need to log in - why can't it all be done from within the Dashboard. This difference in information basically means the internal WPMU Dev dashboard plug-in is useless.

See my screenshots - hopefully I can add them once I lodge this question - that shows the massive difference in information.


  • PC

    Hey there Karen,

    I have just responded to your other posts about this.

    Its not a bug, its just that the WPMU DEV Dashboard provides a quick view of the stats and support tickets which you create.

    The reason its limited view is that if you see all the questions you have created, it would increase the load time when the number of questions you have asked increases.

    Just image if you have asked 50 questions and all of them are listed in your dashboard. It would become slow.

    Cheers, PC

  • Karen


    Thanks for that makes the dashboard rather useless.

    Can it either be explained in the dashboard that that is what is loaded so people (like me) don't assume they are doing something wrong or are left wondering why the questions are not showing up.

    Thinking about it - why can't it show the latest ones (so you know it is up to date) with a message below that saying "If you want to see all your questions... you'll need to log in to our site." Simple - solved.

    It is the confusion that is irritating. ..not to mention the waste of time trying to figure out what is going on. It shouldn't be "inside knowledge" - it should be stated plainly.


    The IT rationales might make sense behind the scenes - but to users it just creates frustration for no good reason when a simple fix - ie as suggested above - would keep your users in the loop and points the way to get more information.

    Also one way to keep down the number of posts is for the system not to show an entry for each time you comment on a stream - just one will do. I often have to go in an add or correct or add a screenshot to some information - and I don't need to see the same post listed 3-4 times - it just needs to be once. (hope that makes sense).

    Can this be conveyed to whoever needs to know to look at fixing it?


  • PC

    Hey there Karen,

    Thanks for posting back and for your kind suggestions.

    Our developers are constantly working on improving the plugins and the support process.

    The plugin does display your recently started topics here : /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpmudev-community but yeah, having a link to "All questions raised by you" would be awesome. I have sent that to our lead developer @Aaron

    Currently he is working on a new release of the Dashboard plugin which will make it even better and more useful and I am sure with the great suggestions we receive from members like you, it will keep getting better :slight_smile:

    Cheers, PC

  • Aaron

    That data should be getting refreshed every 5 minutes (when logged in to your dashboard). Any faster than that would be a huge load/slowdown on your server.

    It it is true that your data is 2 days old, then perhaps there is something wrong with your server setup. The profile data is cached in a transient for 5 minutes, it's possible a caching plugin is returning stale data, or maybe you had intermittent connection issues. No idea really, but what you describe is definitely not normal!

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