Master site with membership and multisite pro sites.

We are setting up a presentation service for businesses on the Westcoast of Sweden directed towards the tourist industry. It has to be mobile first (visitors don't use the laptop on the road :grinning: consequently responsive all around. The plan is to setup a mastersite with user sync and membership and each municipal down the coast has a multisite (directory) setup for individual site(clients .i.e. hotel, restaurants etc.) under pro sites. The sale and administration will be on a separate site. We are planning to use responsive themes (themeforest) like directory for main site ( with first municipal site ( as a multisite with towns and businesses (Skärhamn, hotels, restaurants etc.) with responsive multisite themes from WPMU.
1)Have you tested the different aspects of membership and pro site in a responsive environment?
2)Any of your themes responsive enough to fit in such a scenario.
Grateful for any tips and/or showcases...

All the best

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there Thor,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    1: They aren't technically responsive out of the box, so may require some modification using media queries to display correctly.

    I'd also note, that out of the box membership works on the main site only when network activated, as it works on site by site basis so every site in your network could have it's own membership site.

    It's possible to change this by using the define for Global tables in youe wp-config.php, this means that the whole network will be protected and that it'll work globally.

    If you're using Pro sites and membership, it's best not to network activate membership and rather use that on a site by site basis and not on the main site, so it doesn't conflict with membership.

    Depending on the restrictions needed, Membership can limit blog/site creation itself, so Pro Sites may not be needed :slight_smile:

    Also our User sync plugin only works with single site installs and not multisite installs :slight_smile:

    2: Currently our only responsive theme is SimpleMarket, which wouldn't be suitable for this, we are working on a exciting new theme project, but we don't currently have a ETA of release on that.

    In the mean time, if you choose a theme from ThemeForest, carefully check the license, even with the extended license, you can't technically use the theme on sub sites of the network without another license per site and you can't network activate it and give clients access to it that way either.


    Kind Regards

  • Internet Music
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hi Jack,
    Thanks for prompt reply (y).

    Yes, I have seen that restriction on ThemeForest (that’s part of why we are here :slight_smile:, also we do know you are working on responsive design, but need to move on this during February to be well into the game before the summer season when the big influx of tourists hits the west coast).

    Basically - we are down to two alternatives (we are setting this up on aws)

    1) Set everything up with a (type) radius server and Amazon RDS with mysql serving all the single user and multiuser WP installs.

    2) Still using AWS, but all is single WP with user sync and mapping from (type) portfolio/directory to users own domain (setup on single WP) using admin tools like manageWP for admin/sync/clone and cloudflare as security and CDN.

    A) Can you guys be instrumental in helping us set up in case of 1 and in which case for which (ballpark) fee?
    B) Can your plugins work with WHMCS to achieve mapping service in case of 2?

    Thanks for your time.


  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there Thor,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for the additional information.

    Personally if it was me, I'd go with option 2 :slight_smile:

    A), We don't take on custom development work ourselves, but as a full member, you get support for anything WordPress related, not just our plugins and themes :slight_smile:

    B) Sure, for mapping, we have a couple of options, you could use our WHMCS integration to have your WHMCS install within your WordPress site.

    Or if you went for a multisite, you could use WHMCS MU Provisioning with our Domain Mapping plugin, to automap the domain :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

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