May I get help from one supporter ?

Dear Team,

before I start asking, I would like to know if I contact with one supporter, because I need help to setup my mulitsite-system and surely have more questions on the way.

So if one supporter may knows my project it couldb be easier to explain future-questions because he/she knows my project, so I do not have to explain it everytime.

This is just a question, – if I should ask questions one by one it is ok for me too.

So, I “started” a donation-site or better I am configurating it. I read your manuals but do not know all your plugins.

– e.g. I like to specify more the user-role-permissions

And currently I can not achieve that appears, it seems that there is no theme but I give one free.

Well, as I am a completely new user of your service, I am also learning how your support works.

Sorry for my long text, but I am just trying to getting in touch with, to know how you can help me.

Kind regards, Uwe

  • faydra_deon
    • WordPress Warrior

    Hello, @uwe:

    The beauty of these forums is that you don’t have to tell your situation more than once.

    Since anyone who chimes in can go back up and read what’s transpired, then they usually don’t ask you the same things over and over. At least, I haven’t experienced that happening since I’ve been in the forums.

    Another great thing about having several people chime in on your issue is that each person may have the missing piece of the puzzle that completely covers all the concerns you have.

    You don’t need to ask several different questions in several different discussions if all your questions relate to the same project.

    However, I would suggest that if all your answers to the current concern are answered, and you have questions about a totally different concern that was never brought up while discussing the other resolved concern, then you may want to ask a new question about that, even if it is for the same project.

    I hope you find my information helpful.


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @uwe

    Welcome to the forums!

    @faydra_deon has pointed out the advantages of a community forum, and the proper way of posting (thanks!).

    If issues are related to each other, then they should be posted in the same topic thread. If issues are not related to each other, then to avoid confusion, you should create separate topic threads for each one.

    To help get you started, you mentioned you are developing a donation site. Our Fundraising plugin may be useful for that:

    As for the “user-role-permissions” you mention, could you provide a bit more information on what you would like to achieve?

    Do you mean that you want to restrict access to content on your site based on certain conditions? If so, then our Membership plugin may be useful:

    Or do want to adjust the capabilities of the WordPress user roles? In that case, we don’t have a plugin for that, because there are excellent ones available from the WordPress plugin directory. For example:

  • Uwe
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks @faydra_deon and @patrick_cohen for introducing

    (yes, fundraiser I want to use)

    So may I explain my project a bit first.


    The main network-site should show Links with Image from donation-projects which are blogs/sites in the multisite.

    Everybody can register and after registration create his site/project.

    Is it possible to put blogs/sites into catogories ?

    The most recent Posts from the blogs should appear on the main-network-site too.

    The most recent Fundraiser I found, but how does this work for network-wide-posts ?

    Secondarily is the bbpress functionallity, but it helps to connect each project to each other.

    Mainly the Spendenbüro (DonationOffice) should point to donation-projects everyone can create.


    One point is, that creating a site should be as easy as possible, because not everyone knows managing a wordpress dashboard. The less functions there are the more easy it is.

    On the other hand I need to avoid ‘spam-hackers’ using scripts. (Anti-Splog is installed)

    To give an owner of a Project-Site/Blog the possiblity to add a Fundraiser or using other Plugins I have to give AdministratorRole. But this also make it possible to remove some widgets from the theme which I want to appear on every Site/Blog/Project. For example the list of other Projects should appear on every Blog. Or at least a link to the main-network-page.

    Is there a possiblity e.g. to fix the footer or sidebar for all blogs ?

    How do I setup a standard Theme for all Project-Blogs ?

    Blog/Project owners can create pages,posts,comments and use the functionallity of bbpress to make connections and look for help.

    Am I on the right way looking for help here in forums ?


  • Uwe
    • Flash Drive

    Hello Patrick,

    very nice that you are asking, you are doing a very good service !

    Looking in the past if something is still open you do not find often :slight_smile:

    Well, I thought by myself, after no getting an answer,

    that may I ask one question, this question is answered and then I should ask the next question in another thread. – So I did, and all my questions are resolved up to now.

    Thanks again, I am glad that I choosed wpmudev

    Best regards, Uwe

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