May I get help from one supporter ?

Dear Team,

before I start asking, I would like to know if I contact with one supporter, because I need help to setup my mulitsite-system and surely have more questions on the way.

So if one supporter may knows my project it couldb be easier to explain future-questions because he/she knows my project, so I do not have to explain it everytime.

This is just a question, – if I should ask questions one by one it is ok for me too.

So, I “started” a donation-site or better I am configurating it. I read your manuals but do not know all your plugins.

– e.g. I like to specify more the user-role-permissions

And currently I can not achieve that appears, it seems that there is no theme but I give one free.

Well, as I am a completely new user of your service, I am also learning how your support works.

Sorry for my long text, but I am just trying to getting in touch with, to know how you can help me.

Kind regards, Uwe