mebership levels don't always work consistently

I’m afraid I am becoming very frustrated with the membership plug in and I am ready to go purchase something else.

The levels do not function consistently. I have all of the BuddyPress pages in the negative category for my Stranger level and it works just fine. Strangers cannot access any of the BuddyPress pages.

I have set the Trial level up exactly the same way for BuddyPress pages, I have all of them in the negative category and all pages checked. BUT, when I sign in as a Trial member all of the BuddyPress pages are blocked EXCEPT the members page.

How can this be? They are set up exactly the same. I have refreshed everything and double checked that both the Trial and the Stranger levels are the same for the BuddyPress pages, yet one works and one doesn’t. I can uncheck other BuddyPress pages in the Trial level and they will show or not show as they should, but the members page always shows even if I check it in the negative category.

Is this because I am signed in as a Trial ‘member’ and the program sees me as if I should have access to the members page? Just trying to brainstorm here as to what the problem is.

I have a 3 day free Trial membership on my website and I do not want Trial members to see the membership page.