Media and Contact forms not showing in dashboard

Hi Guys,

Not specifically a WPMU Dev issue, but you guys are so awesome I'm sure you can help with little time or effort :wink:

I have had to ditch Upfront, unfortunately, because I've had a nightmare trying to build a very simple but multilingual brochureware site.

I'm not sure if this it's the multilingual thing (in which case I'll direct my question to the guys over at WPML), but yesterday my contact forms and images were displaying fine. But this morning first I noticed Contact Form 7 was not displaying any forms, even though they are correctly displaying on the site (in all three languages).

Now I've just added versions of three PDFs to the media library, and then realised the same thing has happened - in the dropdown it shows the total number of images but the list is empty.

They are clearly in the database (and I can see them there) and being referenced by the system, and now I realise I can make the media "translatable" so I can link the different versions of the PDF together, I need to be able to edit them!

Any ideas?


  • Sajid

    Hi Arthur! Hope you are doing good and thanks for your question :slight_smile:

    It seems to be a plugin conflict to me. Its better to do a plugin conflict test to find which plugin is causing the issue. You can do this by following steps mentioned in this manual (Flowchart).

    Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

  • Arthur

    Thanks, Sajid!

    I appreciate the link and the quick response to my plea for help :slight_smile:

    I may not be an expert (well, I guess some would say I am by now!), but, as per your suggestion, I have learnt to deal with plugins by disabling them one by one. That did indeed identify the problem.

    In fact, but I realised where the problem was before my browser had fully processed the support request, so I couldn't go and cancel it - in fact I thought it had not completed!

    In case other people have a similar problem, though, I'll set out what happened.

    I first found I could work around it by doing the following:
    1. Deactivated the WPML Multilingual CMS, (this brought back the media files, as suspected)
    2. Clicked on the edit button for one of the media files I wanted to attach a translation for
    3. Re-activated the plugin
    4. Refreshed the media file page (this brought up the "make media 'translatable'" option and options to add translations of the media files)
    5. Clicked on the plus sign next to one of the other languages to add a translation
    6. Uploaded the file.

    Trouble is, I then needed to deactivate the plugin again to attach it to a page to be able for shortcodes to work on the page (using Document Gallery plugin). So I thought there must be a better solution.

    There is - OntheGoSystems also provide a WPML media manager! Doh! Once that was installed the media list is back and everything is hunky-dorey!

    Except that the same conflict to which you refer, Sajid, is also happening with Contact Form 7. I will therefore go on over to the WPML and request a fix. Or switch to Gravity Forms, which OntheGoSystems offer in the bundle, if they offer an out of the box translation for the languages I want (I've got enough to do to have to translate the contact form too!)

    Thanks again, and I hope someone in the community finds this useful!


  • Arthur

    Update: I have just discovered that if I change the admin language back to the default site language (Spanish), all the forms appear! It's either because I hadn't installed all the relevant plugins yet or there is a problem with assigning languages, or rather displaying them - they appear correctly on the site.

    The important thing is: another problem solved! (well worked around, anyway!)

    If there's anyone out there who needs help with multilingual sites, let me know!

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