Media Library overloads the server

We have a photograph that has multiple pictures in the same gallery that we made using The Grid.

When anybody clicks “Add images” in the “Source” tab of a grid, the media library opens up with selectable images (to add to The Grid) and crashes the server by taking 100% of the server resources.

We confirmed with The Grid developers that the plugin wasn’t the cause, the native WPMU media library when selecting pictures doesn’t seem optimized for 100 pictures at the same time even though it’s loaded through AJAX.

Would it be possible to get support about this to help us understand why it would do that?

It’s a WordPress Multisite, so our guess is that MySQL queries take into account tables they shouldn’t touch (other sites’:wink:.

If you can help us, we can provide full access to the installation. We do not have a staging area yet, sadly. We don’t mind if you reproduce the problem and crash the server, we just want it fixed / optimized. :slight_smile: