Media library with broken images from old uploads


Brandy new here, and currently messing with one problem that its driving me crazy.

Few days ago i migrated my WP installation to one host, to another, in the proccess, i uploaded the old upload directory to the new server, i checked permalinks remained the same, and also did an intensive search&replace weekend to ensure every was replaced with, so i ended up with a good migration proccess, except for one simple thing.

I can upload any kind of files to media library, and it will work with no issues, BUT, if i try to navigate to the OLD media files previously uploaded in the past, this is, old server, a default image is showed where the thumbnail should be.

Also, if you click on Edit, there is nothing shown but the image URL
If you copy and try to access the image, you will notice the image is there, inside the directory.
If you visit the post, the images will be shown.

The only issue here is that i've lost my library, as i cannot re-utilize the images, because they are not showing up on the media manager of wordpress.

Few considerations:

No plugins installed for any kind of media.
Tried disabling all plugins, same results.
Not a cache matter.
Checked the directory permissions, they are OK, same with file permissions.
Anyone can bring some light here?