Media loader not functioning

Hi there,

I recently converted this site to using the Spirit theme. When i tried to change some images yesterday the media loader pop-up no longer works so i am unable to change or add images. Instead some code appears at the bottom of the page i am editing.

I have tried the following to eliminate anything with my side:
- Tried editing it on differnt PC's at different locations (isnt a pop-up or PC issue).
- I can edit another site i am testing with Spirit (so it isnt a browser issue).
- The other test site i have is on same hosting (so i doubt it is a server side issue)

Looks like the code has somehow been corrupted. I have uninstalled the Builder plugin and put it back with no effect (i would uninstall Spirit and start again but i dont want to lose the pages ive created).

Would appreciate it if you could have a look. I have granted support access to the site.
Many thanks, Kevin