Media upload problem - where do I "hard code"?

Hi there, it seems I am having a problem with being able to upload media via the Wordpress media upload function. This means I cannot customize the theme to use my logo.

I need to sort out with my webhost how and why the upload problem persists. In the mean time, is there a way I could "hard code" my header logo in a .css or templatefile? I know I can do this I just do not know which one and what specific css class or to use.


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    It would be much easier to help if you provided the name of the theme, and any other relevant details.

    However, instead of working around the issue, I'd suggest trying to solve it. What happens when you try to use the WP uploader? Also, do you have FTP access?


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    Hi Mark, yes, apologies. I thought I was posting to the specific theme forum.

    I have the latest of everything.

    WP 3.0.4
    BP 1.2.7
    Theme: BP Community

    I have FTP access and control panel access to my webhost but no ssh access.

    My head feels broken. I have spent hours searching and reading but not joy. I've even deleted and reinstalled my site last night only to have the problem once again.

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    Oh, I have tried resetting permalinks, deactivating, testing, activating plugins. No joy. As a last option I tried changing permissions on wp-content/uploads and blogs.dir. Still, no joy...

    All folders are 0755
    All files are 0644

  • gustafp
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    I've informed my webhost and they said that they have received similar complaints after a server upgrade. I'll see what happens in the next week and if they can't solve the problem, I'll find another host.

    Thank you for your time and support.

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