mediatemple plesk domain mapping issue

I’m currently running an install of WP at ( exmple: ) and i’ve set that install up for MS with subdirectories ( example: )

Now I’ve installed the domain mapping plugin and went the dashboard of 123456abc and set the domain mapping to ( –> ) went to my registrar and added an A to point to the IP of my server. That results in the “default” install page for mediatemple showing up.

So I went into the Plesk control panel and set the default domain for the IP ( ) however the issue there is that is actually hosted somewhere else, so even though I have the domain setup in plesk so that I could setup the subdomain it’s not actually hosted there, so I added a .htaccess file in the root of to 301 redirect to and that works to display the default wordpress install, however it loses the 123456abc subdirectory call along the way…anythoughts?

Maybe I need to do some virtualhost modifcations or something ?? I’m lost…help!!