Member account upgrades and permissions.

I'm having some issues getting Membership setup properly.

1 - I need to remove the membership upgrade time limit. I realize the reason for putting it in, but it needs to be optional as not all sites are setup to be subject to the abuse it was implemented for. Is there a way to set this to zero?

2 - Upgrades

When users register via Membership, they are given two options, the basic free account and a paid membership. If they get the free membership, I'm not seeing how they would upgrade? I'm guessing I dont see it with my test user because of the limit mentioned above - this makes things very difficult to test the setup. Would they upgrade from their account page?

If a free member than purchases a paid account, they retain the basic membership negative rules, meaning until their basic membership runs out (which it doesn't) they can't access the features they paid for. Is there a way to drop the basic level? Does this only work like this if the user upgrades?

On the subscribe page, all it shows are sign up, which would lead to the error above.

Can someone point me in the direction of setting this up properly? Free Membership upon register giving partial access, paid monthly membership can be purchased at any time, either at signup, or an hour later, or whenever getting access to full?

Would appreciate any help in this matter.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @atomicduo

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your questions.

    1: Yes, this would be possible, just set that setting to 0, you may have 1 or higher in that box at the moment, but setting it to 0 should work for you.

    2: If they upgrade from free membership to paid membership this would take effect immediately, giving them access to the content. How many access levels and subscriptions do you have set up currently? Do you have a default subscription set up? Do you have a stranger level set up?

    The renew form/subscription form shortcode is [renewform] This one would be used for them to renew or upgrade their subscription.

    The subscription shortcode is [subscriptionform] this will give them the subscription form for a first time sign-up.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV member!

    Kind Regards

  • atomicduo

    Hey Jack,

    Thanks for your response. The dropdown is currently set to 0 yet I am not seeing anywhere where the user can upgrade their account, only purchase additional accounts. If I pay via paypal for a paid account, it gives the user both membership levels leading to the permissions issue. Where/how do I give them the option to upgrade their account?

    There are only two access levels. Free and premium, with an option to pay for premium either monthly or yearly. The default subscription upon registering to the site gives them the free basic access level. There is also a visitor/stranger level setup. So, three in total, Visitor, Basic(free) and premium (paid).

    I put the shortcode for the renew form, but a user with a free account only has the option to unsubscribe from their free account, theres no option to upgrade.

    Is there no way to have one page which if the user already has an account, they can upgrade, and if they dont have an account they can subscribe? I feel like I'm completely missing something here.


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @atomicduo

    I hope you are well today, first of all I'd like to apologize about the extreme delay in my reply.

    I somehow missed your previous responses.

    If you have 3 subscriptions plan (yearly, monthly , free) both the monthly and free members should be able to upgrade, but they can't upgrade if the plans are indefinite plans if that makes sense? Do you have a URL that I could take a look at the current setup and behaviour of this?

    A user would be notified upon upgrade :slight_smile:

    Thank you! Again sorry about the extreme delay.

    Kind Regards

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