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We have a multisite installation. We are running fairly big projects inviting up to 3000 bloggers to a specific site in the network. So whats the best way to handle this?

A few ideas

Create some kind of registration page (mayby using and send out a signup code ( to the to 3000 bloggers. Is it possible to set which site the users are added to from the registration page?

What happens if the user is already registred. Will she be added to the site anyway?



  • Mason
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    Hiya martin,

    I think I see what you're trying to do and definitely the two plugins you mention here are good choices to look at to get the job done, but with a little more specifics we can probably turn this into a home run! (sorry - that's an American reference for sure :smiley:)

    Are you only wanting those 3000 specific bloggers to join up? In other words, if someone happens upon the site you wouldn't want them to sign up - just the one's who are on the list, is that correct?

    You want each of these signups to be able to post content right? I think you mentioned in another thread you'd like them to be assigned as "contributors"? The membership plugin is all about "viewing" content and allowing access to content. It's really not meant for creating content.

    You could use the invitation code plugin to allow specific people to sign up (You could optionally provide a contact form whereby people could request an invite code). Then use the default settings in WordPress Network Options to assign this site as the "dashboard site" (if it's not the main one) and make the default role "contributor".

    This is how I'd approach it anyway. Again, provide some more specifics and we can refine our advice. Anybody else got some ideas for Martin?

    Thanks! :smiley:

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